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Push Back The Hurricane (released August 10th 2015) (Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Forest Child Music) is a collection of super-honest acoustic songs about our friends and family, skateboarding, punk shows and spiritual adventures. The lyrics describe our life-stories, hopes, hypocrisies and victories; the places we love and the friends we’ve lost and found.

For us, music is community, and so we wanted every process involved with the making of this album to be relational… We shared ideas, curry and beers with our mates at PAK JÖI Records (Ed and Becky Green), then recorded the tracks in two daysin our friend Stian Vedøy’s bedroom in London (Forest Child Music). Our dear comrade and co-conspirator Alex Grassi travelled down from the cold north to lay down some outrageous bass lines, and 12 packs of microwave noodles later, we ran for the MegaBus home to Bristol. Next, Jamie’s house mate Jonathan Granger sketched out a beautiful front cover in the kitchen. He forgot to do the back cover and left for America, so the artwork was completed by a guy named Jonny Falkus who we met in a not-for-profit bike shop/café in good ol’ Brizzol. Most of the funds were raised through crowd sourcing, friends and family (for which we are eternally grateful!!). Big-up big G and the Wild Goose, Peace/Love and Red Stripe XX