New single – ‘The Valley’ – out today (Valentines Day!). Inspired by the mystical experiences and wisdom of desert fathers and old testament prophets… Thanks to our label PAK JÖI for all your sweet publishing skills, and to Forest Child Music for your awesome Recording, Mixing, and Mastering! We hope you like it… please feel free to share if you do! Available on all the usual online mediums (iTunes, Google, Spotify etc.)!

The Pattern Maker Release!

Our long awaited single, ‘The Pattern Maker’ is finally available for preview on Soundcloud! It is a song about unconditional love. We hope that you like it! Feel free to share if you do. It’s a bit different from Push Back The Hurricane, so crank up your speakers/headphones and enjoy the ambient space folk vibes! It’s extra special to us because some of our favourite people helped in the making: Abi and Stian Vedøy, Matt James, Hannah Elliott, Chris Gould. Thanks also to PAK JÖI and Forest Child Music.

Full release on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay etc. 27th July.


Artwork by Hannah Elliott Illustration

We’ve started recording…

A few weeks ago we started working on a song from our next EP – The Patte12990978_570731216441273_2164210837232930346_nrn Maker.

We’re hoping to lay down about 5 or 6 tracks over the next while with our favourite Forest Child, Stian Vedøy, so watch this space…

…check out the cool patternz in the picture as Jamie lays down his vocalz…

…and come see us play in Bristol some time in the next few months… check the ‘Shows’ section for more deetz…

LOVE, Soph&Jamie XX